This website is devoted to the Soul in each of us. It is intended to help you experience through sacred content offered here, that your Soul is part of God and lives eternally in God.

The Soul is in a state of Grace forever.
Your reality is ONLY your Soul.
Therefore, You are in a state of Grace forever.

What is presented here is a timeless sacred teaching. It came into form in mid-20th century through dictation from the Christ Mind of Jesus, beginning with the words “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.” The Urtext manuscript spans several thousand pages in seven volumes. It is offered as a teaching aid for humanity to awaken to its Soul.

It states that “Each Soul knows God completely.” In accordance with the sacred teaching that God is Love, it means your Soul knows Love completely.


From gentle beginnings this website will grow
To help you discover the Love of your Soul

A Course In Miracles Urtext Manuscripts

Complete Seven Volume Combined Edition