Awakened-Heart Daily Message

Daily Message 201 –Year2

Remember the indicator of your beliefs reveals itself through the energy that you carry and offer to all those around you.

Willingly reject the illusions of the past as you open your heart and mind to the memory of God in the present moment of Love.

Gratefully surrender into the Light of God every thought that has pulled you down into the old habits of identity that you came to surrender and heal.

God’s Will for you is the perfect Peace
that exists only in the present
Reality of Now.

Daily Message 200 –Year2

Today surrender all the attempts to use the allure of transient pleasures as a weak substitute for the true inner spiritual joy that nothing can diminish.

Seeking temporary pleasure from the outside world is always the attempt of trying to escape from your belief in fear.

Eternal joy is completely an internal Love affair!

Come home to your heart and reap the harvest of joy-filled peace as you rest in God.

Daily Message 199 –Year2

Your beliefs of the temporary world of fear are the agreement that battle is justified.

All fear is upside down from the Eternal Sacred Truth of Love.

If you are anxious, drink In the Divine medicine of Love through the sacred teachings that are your doorway to God.

Turn your mind and heart to the mindful acceptance that infinite Peace surrounds you and permeates every moment as you humbly return to the Reality of Love.

Daily Message 198 –Year2

Today sit quietly in the inner sanctuary of your mind and heart to hear the Voice of Divine Peace singing softly and leading you back to the healing Light of Love.

Remember that Nothing others do or say affects your true worth.

Revel in the freedom that nothing beyond your thoughts can disturb your peace.

Rejoice that in your willing open heart you carry the key to the Light of Love.

Daily Message 197 –Year2

Today when you see another beloved and you are tempted to judge their journey, remember that you can only offer compassion by recognizing their true worth as the child of God.

You cannot know what is needed for their healing journey.

Gratefully open your heart and mind to the healing Truth of compassion as you lift up your eyes and embrace every beloved with the humility of true helpfulness guided by the Spirit of Love.

Daily Message 196 –Year2

Remember the healing power of your devotion to Truth opens the door to the constant companionship of the Spirit of Love.

Your devotion to Truth will enable you to recognize and reject the deception of the past.

Happily, humbly, devote every moment to the opening of your heart and mind and breath in the blessings that are your true inheritance of Love.

Daily Message 195 –Year2

Today focus your heart and mind on the blessings of the precious life of Love that you have as your inheritance, born of the Divine Light of Love.

Embrace every moment as the sacred gift of learning.

Invite the flow of God’s Grace to lead you into the quiet inner sanctuary of peace and find the uncomplicated Truth that is forever in your heart.

Humbly surrender this day, this moment, into the healing strength of gratitude, accepting God as the Master of your heart and mind for all eternity.

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