Awakened-Heart Daily Message

Daily Message 260 –Year2

Remember, your soul has one holy purpose.
It is to Love and be Love.

Come, remember and rejoice in the blessings of Love’s infinite compassion that is your true inheritance.

Accept the gentle and honest kindness of self forgiveness that frees your heart and mind from the painful illusions of the past.

Sigh with relief that your mistaken identity will dissolve as you humbly surrender to the exquisite Truth of Eternal Love.

Daily Message 259 –Year2

Today, if you find yourself getting lost in thoughts of worry that capture you and keep your mind in tension, remember that you can choose to unburden your mind and heart into God’s Hands.

You do not need to question any longer the outcome of any situation, because the Power of God’s Infinite Love has taken your prayers for help and transformed every seeming problem into a blessed opportunity of healing.

Breathe in gratitude, Rest in God.

Daily Message 258 –Year2

It is guaranteed that you will return to the Truth of your true Self as the creation of Love.

Today do not accept the little, isolated fearful idea of a self concept that you made in confusion.

Listen in stillness with an open mind and heart to the Voice of Spirit; quiet in Power, strong in certainty and completely devoted to your healing.

Accept Peace as your guiding Light back to the arms of Love.

Daily Message 257 –Year2

Remember, every situation and every beloved is your teacher.

The outer conditions of every moment reveals to you the inner beliefs that you have given your allegiance to.

If you feel the burden of irritation or judgement, turn your mind and heart to the sanity of Love’s healing and gratefully begin again.

Daily Message 256 –Year2

Today, rest in the awareness that your heart holds the strength of Love.

Willingly discard the temptation of any desire to defend yourself.

Take the leap of faith and become willing to accept your innocence as you honor every beloved through your undefended heart.

There is no veil of illusion that God’s Love cannot melt.

Accept your true inheritance and rest in God.

Daily Message 255 –Year2

Remember, how you experience the world is always a reflection of what you are believing.

If despair and darkness are holding you hostage, you will see a fear filled world.

This is not God’s Will for you!

Invite the healing Light of Love to unburden your heart and learn to truly see every situation and every beloved through the eternal Reality of loving gratitude and compassion.

Daily Message 254 –Year2

Remember, every situation of this day has the potential to open your heart and mind to the true blessings of God’s Eternal Grace.

Bring honesty to your heart by questioning if your thoughts are what God would have you think.

Ask sincerely in the quiet of your heart if you are offering peace or succumbing to the beliefs of battle.

Consciously refuse to let your mind slip away into illusions and affirm that you choose to surrender and rest in the Strength of God.

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