Awakened-Heart Daily Messages

Daily Soul Message 343 Year6

The mind itself is a potent instrument for change, the only one there is.
All change must take place in the mind first,
for all action is a result of thought and the resultant impulse or motivation.

Daily Soul Message 342 Year6

Each and every thought is your gift to the world.
Think only the thoughts whose effects you would receive.
Let your mind itself become a source of blessing to all you see, and to all the unseen.

Daily Soul Message 341 Year6

This is another way of describing the Golden Rule:
Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
When you give only Love and kindness, you will receive only Love.

Daily Soul Message 340 Year6

Whatever you give, you receive.
This the law that protects giver and receiver.
You must learn to give to others only what you yourself would receive.

Daily Soul Message 339 Year6

Whatever you do with Love will bring blessings upon you.
Love cannot but bless the mind in which It lives,
and everything It touches in any way is equally blessed.

Daily Soul Message 338 Year6

Let your thinking be infused with Love,
arising from Truth, from that which is highest within you.
Each and every thought is your gift to the world.

Daily Soul Message 337 Year6

You are constantly giving to your brothers through your thoughts,
not just through words and actions.
It is your thoughts from which words and actions arise.

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