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Daily Message 140 –Year2

Today invite the Truth of Love to soothe your spirit as you willingly accept that you are and always have been the creation of God.

This fact is here to set you free from all sorrows that you have mistakenly battled with as you sing with joyful relief that you are as God Created you!

Humbly surrender to Love all worthless idols and images made in the name of fear as you rejoice that you are as God Created.

Daily Message 139 –Year2

Today let your self examination be your self care.

Embrace the honesty of compassion by questioning the beliefs that rise to tell you what to do and say.

Every thought you have brings either Love or fear.

With true kindness and honesty choose to serve the invulnerable Spirit of Love and surrender your mind to be freed from all painful illusion that you made up!

Daily Message 138 –Year2

Today stop in the quiet stillness and gratefully remember the vastness of the Spirit that is always within.

Keep your attention on all the blessings that manifest today.

Welcome the Essential healing Light of Love as you humbly surrender all old and tired beliefs that have haunted you without cause.

Daily Message 137 –Year2

Today rest in contemplation, willing to accept the blessings of Love.

In The Schoolroom of Love invite the learning of Truth.

All the Power of Divine Spirit constantly answers your call for help.

Light and honesty come to serve you, to help you embrace the constant freedom that is your true self.

Let go of all prideful resistance and gratefully sing the praises of Eternal Love in every moment.

Daily Message 136 –Year2

Remember Love is waiting within under the ego’s armor of fear.

Surrender the fearful beliefs that have held you hostage.

Listen in quiet gratitude and embrace the Divine vibration of Harmony and Strength.

Welcome the Spirit of Love as it gently heals the lies of limitation.

Thank God only Love is real.

Daily Message 135 –Year2

Remember to keep your eyes focused on the path of Love, and surrender your ego goals to God with gratitude.

Open your mind and heart to the acceptance of God’s Grace and rejoice that true forgiveness is your willing internal release from the pain-filled mistaken identity you made through fear.

Gratefully accept the freedom of Love that is your true inheritance.

Only Love is real!

Daily Message 134 –Year2

Today consciously open your heart and let the Loving compassion flow into every situation that appears in your day.

Let your heart open like a newly discovered natural spring of Light.

The humble Truth of Love is always within you.

Just listen and embrace the divine melody that will flow through your mind and heart and bless every thought, and every encounter!

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