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Daily Message 268-Year3

Remember, the Truth of Love is beyond all fantasies of winning or losing, all comparisons, all perceived battles and all familiar self-made defenses.

It is completely up to you to willingly choose Peace or the illusion of conflict.

Today, choose to repeat the name of God, until all the little names of illusion that you invented lose their meaning.

Plunge deep within and consciously embrace the Path of Divine intervention and recovery.

Thank God, only Love is real.

Daily Message 267-Year3

Today, unburden your heart into the strength and compassion of God’s infinite Grace.

With your deepest intention be willing to open and discover the loving tenderness of your sacred heart.

Gratefully surrender your beliefs of battle, lay down your tired defenses and all your swords.

Turn to the Peace of God and embrace your tender open heart.

Rest in Love.

Daily Message 266-Year3

Remember, you are here to learn to choose the Truth of Love and refuse to look at any situation with doubt and despair.

Every moment surrendered to God becomes an opportunity to heal and return to Peace.

Choose to stand in strength and affirm that there is no veil of illusion that the Power of Love’s Eternal Light cannot heal.

Choose to change you mind and rest in God’s Grace.

Thank God only Love is real.

Daily Message 265-Year3

Remember, you are the eternal Light of God.

This is the Truth of the ordinary magnificence that God Created.

In the Reality of Innocence,  self-deception and pride and arrogance do not exist.

Surrender all images you made of a false self to the Light of Truth.

Open your heart and mind to the acceptance of the eternal innocence of all beloveds.

Daily Message 264-Year3

Today, invite the Light of Truth to run your mind and speak through your heart.

Gratefully and  willingly reject all made-up thoughts of limitation and judgement.

Affirm your willingness to consciously increase your devotion to God’s Guidance and Strength.

In every moment surrender your purpose to the Truth of Love waiting to lead you home.

Daily Message 263–Year3

Today, listen in the inner stillness and you will hear the guidance of Love speaking in the language of your heart.

Let every voice but God’s be still in you.

Love calls quietly to lay down all defense as unreal.

Let every image of all beloveds be swept away and declared unreal.

In the Grace of God, when you dedicate any situation fully to the Truth of Love, Peace is inevitable.

Daily Message 262–Year3

Remember, your soul has one holy purpose.
It is to Love and be Love.

It is guaranteed that you will return to the Truth of your true Self as the creation of Love.

Accept Peace as your guiding Light back to the arms of Love.

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