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Daily Message 328-Year3

Remember, you always choose between Truth and illusion.

Let the Truth of Love be what it is; perfect, eternal, unconditional and free of all judgment.

Let the Truth of Peace encompass every situation today.

Invite Truth to show the way of a non-clouded mind and heart.

In the Truth of Love all suffering is over, with no more delusional personal thoughts of defense and opinions.

Rest in the Truth that only Love without conditions is real.

Daily Message 327-Year3

Your happiness and function are one,
because God has given you both.

There is more than a connection between fulfilling your function and achieving happiness; they are the same.

The ego does constant battle with the Holy Spirit on the fundamental question of what your function is.

So does it do constant battle with the Holy Spirit about what your happiness is.

It is not a two-way battle; the ego attacks and the Holy Spirit does not respond.

He knows what your function is. He knows that it is your happiness.

Do not indulge the ego by listening to its attacks on truth; merely be glad to find out what truth is.

God gives you only happiness; therefore the function He gave you must be happiness, even if it appears to be different.

Your function is established by God through His Voice or is made by the ego which you have made to replace Him.

The ego is the only alternative to the Holy Spirit’s Voice; you will listen to madness or hear the truth.

Daily Message 326-Year3

Those with spiritual vision do not trust the body’s eyes to show them the reality of what they see.

The body’s eyes see only the external, the form, never the content of what appears before them.

Forms differ and change over time; they may come and go, but never does the content change.

Content is always and only one of two possibilities; Truth or illusion.

The body’s eyes cannot make the distinction between the two, but the mind that has chosen Love and forgiveness has let itself be corrected.

Its vision is whole, not partial, and it sees directly without the mediation of the eyes that see only form.

The lovely Light that is Truth’s reflection, is easily seen by those who are willing.

To see this Light is to join with It; in this union are all blessed as One.

Daily Message 325-Year3

The real world is a forgiven world, where judgment is forgotten, replaced with the vision of Christ that sees only the reflection of Truth everywhere.

The Oneness of all things is apparent, and Love is offered to all without exception or exclusion of any kind.

The real world, like the world seen by the body’s eyes, is also a projection of the mind that sees it, but there is one important difference: The Love of God is not excluded, so it contains the reflection of Truth.

There is no doubt or uncertainty where Truth prevails.

The real world extends to the gates of Heaven.

Freed of sin and guilt, doubt and uncertainty, illuminated by the Love of God, you may rest there a little while until you are ready for God to take the final step.

Daily Message 324-Year3

Through the body’s eyes, the world appears to be a place of attack and conflict, ruled by fear and driven by the need for vengeance.

Threat lurks everywhere, and nowhere can safety be found, for vengeance may strike at any time.

In such a world Love is absent; It is not welcomed by those who prefer attack and judgment.

Yet those who see with the Holy Spirit, look upon quite a different world.

Everywhere they look, the holy Light of God stands revealed; It shines from within everything they see, and lights the world with its kindly glow.

There is no threat anywhere; only Love and mercy await them everywhere they go.

The real world is a forgiven world, where judgment is forgotten, replaced with the vision of Christ that sees only the reflection of Truth everywhere.

The real world is seen through the eyes of Love.

Daily Message 323-Year3

The readiness to see truly arises only in the mind that chooses forgiveness for all, leaving all judgment to the Holy Spirit Whose function it is.

He, and only He, always judges truly, for He sees only the holiness in all of God’s children.

Everything else is simply an error; He helps you correct all errors in your mind until only Truth remains.

The real world appears to those who have let their perception be corrected.

The real world is seen through the eyes of Love.

Daily Message 322-Year3

Forgiveness is the solution to all pain, all fear and conflict.

Forgiveness ends the dream of death, for it leads to the perception of a forgiven world where all are loved and blessed by its kindly Light.

There is a world beyond the world of darkness and strife, seen only by those who have laid down their weapons, renounced all attack and judgment, and chosen Love instead.

You can live in the kindly Light of the real world if you would exchange it for the one your mind has chosen now.

The real world appears to those who see not only with the body’s eyes.

It must be seen through the eyes of Love.

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