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Daily Soul Message 267 Year5

Please do not turn your back on salvation when once you become aware of it and what it brings you. You will not find happiness here, you will not. You may continue to seek it where it is not, but you will find only frustration and disappointment. All things of this world will pass away, all accomplishments and honors will become as ashes, leaving only their bitter taste in the end.

Daily Soul Message 266 Year5

The means given you through this teaching is the practice of forgiveness, and a conscious relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a part of every mind, but how many are aware of this? And of those, how many actively pursue the establishment of clear and consistent communication with Him? He is always with you, waiting for your willingness to accept His help. Whether to make use of it or not is your decision. Always is He willing and able. Are you?

Daily Soul Message 265 Year5

Salvation, or spiritual awakening, is the only purpose you can pursue that will lead to a truly beneficial outcome for you and all your brothers. Everything that supports this purpose will only help, and all that does not will only delay.

Daily Soul Message 264 Year5

Once the decision is made for God, for Truth, and the recognition of its inestimable value dawns on your awareness, the end is certain. Do not delay my brother. Do not hesitate to make the only decision that can be made.

Daily Soul Message 263 Year5

The Holy Spirit has the function of restoring the awareness of your true identity, the Self, the Christ. This is not difficult to do if He has your full cooperation. However, full cooperation takes time to develop in most cases; this delays the successful completion of the learning process.

Daily Soul Message 261 Year5

A quiet mind, resting in the present, is ready and open to receive Truth. Truth cannot enter a mind that is busy, driven to distraction, filled with its own ideas and goals. In such a mind, there is no room for Truth nor would It be welcome, for the restless, constantly active mind is interested only in itself, its needs and wants.

Daily Soul Message 260 Year5

You must give up the need to force outcomes or set timetables for results; in other words, you must develop patience. Infinite patience brings immediate results.
The patient mind has surrendered the egoic preoccupation with the future that prevents it from experiencing itself as it is now.

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