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Daily Message 152 –Year3

Remember within every situation, you are either defensively reacting to it or patiently learning from it!

The essential learning is through your inner intention.

Every moment that is truly given to gratitude, kindness, honesty, and humility will become the blessings that you count on through every situation.

Do not worry about what to say or do, because the Grace of God will guide you in every moment.

Daily Message 151 –Year3

Remember, the learning of Love is the holy purpose all humanity has come to share.

The Path of Light is open to you.

Your holy purpose is to discover your eternal Self, by opening your heart to gentle questioning what you believe about yourself.

With this unified intention, fear cannot reign.

A choice is given you, between wanting Peace or torment.

As you truly want Peace, quietly choose Peace instead of thoughts of battle and separation.

Daily Message 150 –Year3

Today, surrender into the Light of Love all the made up outer environment of doubt, restlessness, irritation, backbiting, gossip, comparisons, and all beliefs of suffering that have held your heart and mind in battle with Truth.

When you find yourself upset about anything, you are really trying to justify your beliefs, constantly trying to make them true, and wanting to be right.

Come into the quiet center of Trust as you open your heart to rest in God’s Love.

Daily Message 149 –Year3

Remember in the Reality of Eternal Love, guilt and shame do not exist.

Do not fear to look within and claim the innocence that God created.

Gratefully look past the cloud of self attack that has distorted your awareness of the purity of Love which abides as your true nature.

Quietly and gently release the lies of separation and humbly accept God’s Praise of your perfection.

Say goodbye to the temptation to believe you are less than the radiant Light of God’s Grace.

Live NOW as God’s creation affirming only Love is real!

Daily Message 148 –Year3

Today be willing to close the door to your mind’s ceaseless chatter, as you relinquish your feverish need to be right about what you think you know.

Now gratefully open the door to God’s Grace with the help of honesty and sincerity, and declare your intention to join the Loving Truth of the Sacred Universe.

Be willing to humbly learn to Love from the depth of your heart and come home to the Light of God!

Daily Message 147 –Year3

Today, surrender and attune yourself with the Brilliant Creative Power of God’s Grace.

Quietly sink into the ever present Infinite Light that will guide you through all temporary situations as you reject all made up thoughts of limitation and judgement.

Gratefully increase your devotion to God’s Guidance and Strength as you surrender your heart and mind to the Reality of Love.

Daily Message 146 –Year3

Remember, only your trust in Love leads the way to honesty in the every-day life.

The consistently honest are free of inner conflict.

Conflict is the guaranteed result of self deception, and self deception is always painful.

Honestly surrender all judgment into the Light of Love…. and conflict and self-deception will cease to plague your mind.

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