Awakened-Heart Daily Message

Daily Message 321 –Year2

Today, as your heart and mind welcome the dawn’s light, affirm your willingness and intention to serve Love.

Focus your attention on radiating loving kindness in all situations.

If resistance tries to push back, breathe deeply and refuse to give your attention to the lies of defensiveness.

Lean into the healing ocean of Love and gratefully rest in God’s Grace.

Daily Message 320 –Year2

Today, focus your attention on what you Truly want.

The ego always answers through the illusions of the past.

The Truth of Love waits for your little willingness to embrace the way of unlimited freedom.

Love’s healing is the relinquishment of the past and its fearful agreements.

Gratefully accept the holy guidance of God’s Grace and allow the way of Love to lead you to the freedom of Peace.

Daily Message 319 –Year2

Today, open your intention to return through the day to the inner stillness within.

In the inner stillness find the deep yearning for Love’s freedom that has always been within.

Your true nature is always longing to remember the Truth of Love.

Gratefully surrender your future into the Hands of God, and go beyond the veil of fear to the freedom of Love.

Daily Message 318 –Year2

Today, gratefully turn your attention to the unchanging reality of your innocent heart.

The Truth of Love is your true nature and cannot be changed or diminished by the illusions that capture your attention.

In honest surrender, Truth will heal all errors in your mind.

Rejoice as you humbly accept the Truth of Love as your reality and rest in the Grace of God.

Daily Message 317 –Year2

Remember, every thought brings you closer to the Reality of Love or pulls you deeper into doubt and fear.

Your willingness to accept the Truth of Love is truly your holy purpose.

Your willing surrender is essential for the Light of Love to cleanse all the past beliefs of battle.

Rejoice in gratitude that there is nothing that the Power of God’s Grace cannot heal!

Daily Message 316 –Year2

Today, touch the longing in your heart that wants to return to the awareness of your true innocence as God’s creation.

Through your willingness the Spirit of Love answers your prayer and gently opens the door to transformation.

Be willing to reject the lies of judgement and fear in exchange for the freedom of Peace and harmony.

Be willing to listen to the Voice of Love and let your heart sing in gratitude that only Love is real.

Daily Message 315 –Year2

Remember, you are here to embrace the Truth of Love that is completely without conditions.

Through your willingness to be transformed, gratefully surrender your fears to Love, as you humbly take the leap of faith to meet every beloved undefended.

In the Truth of Love, there is nothing to prove or defend!

Embrace In true defenselessness that you are held in God’s Glorious Light, free of all self made conditions.

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