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Daily Message 108-Year4

Forgiveness and the renunciation of all attack are inextricably linked.

To refuse to forgive is to condemn.

All condemnation is attack, just as all forgiveness is the expression of Love.

Love without forgiveness is impossible, for Love sees only the innocence of God’s Child;

Love is incapable of grievances and condemnation.

Forgiveness is the highest expression of Love in this world.

Daily Message 107-Year4

The ego is a static subconscious core belief in separation, from which habitual patterns of thought and feeling arise.

Love is not part of its repertoire, although the ego will never allow that to be revealed.

The ego bears malice toward you, for it regards you as guilty and deserving of punishment and death.

There is only one way to respond to the ego sanely.

Withdraw your allegiance and identification with it.

The ego is not you.

You are the Beloved Child of God.

Daily Message 106-Year4

There is only one way to respond to the ego sanely.

Withdraw your allegiance and identification with it.

The ego is not you, although it would have you believe that it is.

The ego is the belief you are separate from your Creator and your Self.

Daily Message 105-Year4

Remember, help is always available.

Be willing to embrace every moment of every day through the Strength of Divine Love.

Lay down all concerns and doubts as you choose to Trust in the ever-present Power of God’s Light.

You do not have to worry about what to say or do, because the Truth of Love will always direct you.

Daily Message 104-Year4

Whatever arises in your mind as thought or feeling comes from one of two sources: ego or Holy Spirit.

There are no others.

The ego speaks to you through a constant stream of thoughts, feelings, desires and impulses.

Its purpose is to dominate your conscious mind, control its attention, keep it busy reacting to and acting out egoic content.

The function of the Holy Spirit is to arouse in you the desire for Truth.

Daily Message 103-Year4

Now is the only time there is.

In the present, the Truth reveals Itself as your Mind.

Only then can your mind live again as Truth.

Whatever you do, whatever you believe has no meaning unless it arises from the Truth of your Mind.

Now is where you meet God, for He is always present.

Daily Message 102-Year4

Love’s purpose is to create like itself.

Its nature is to extend forever and thus continually increase.

Love cannot be limited or bound in any way.

To do so is to drive It from your mind, leaving your mind fearful.

This world is the consequence of replacing Love with fear.

Love does not come and go.

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