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Daily Message 54 –Year3

Remember, anger in all its expressions is never warranted.

Anger is always because I believe in vengeful projection to make my self seem innocent and “right”.

The pain of righteous anger claims that I know and that I am “right“.

Only the willingness to humbly accept every beloved as innocent is the medicine of Love.

Surrender the made up beliefs of right and wrong and open your heart to hear the call for Love, and rest in God.

One Heart.

Daily Message 53 –Year3

Remember, your true purpose in this world of time is to surrender to the Truth of your Reality as God’s innocent eternal creation.

The Spirit of Love will guide your mind and heart every step of the way back to Truth, if you are willing to have your delusional beliefs constantly brought to the Light of Love.

Rejoice in the acceptance of God’s Healing Power that can and will set you free!

One Heart eternally.

Daily Message 52 –Year3

Remember, the way back to your true self is to really rest in God and trust the Spirit of Love’s direction that will lead you home.

Do not try to “figure out“ the mind.

Your purpose is simply to surrender your life and will over to God and gladly acknowledge that you truly know nothing.

This awareness is your most effective contribution.

The Spirit of Love will gently lead you to the sanity of Truth as you gratefully reject fear and rest in the strength of God’s Grace.

One Heart eternally.

Daily Message 51 –Year3

Remember, through beliefs and thoughts your ego projects the pictures and the script of your personal ideas.

Ask today, if the thoughts you are thinking are peaceful, harmonious, and honestly serving the Laws of God.

Surrender all habits of the mind that the past cultivated to prove that you have been a “knower”.

Come empty into God.

Welcome the Truth of Love and rest in God.

Daily Message 50 –Year3

Remember, it is essential to want to develop honesty in all situations in order to move forward toward the all-including Reality of Love.

Through the honesty of choice we can develop the stability in our mind that supports the willingness to choose Love over made up illusions from the past.

Let the honest openness begin to flow as you relearn to embrace the Peace of God’s Grace.

One Heart eternally.

Daily Message 49 –Year3

Today, focus your intention on being in this present moment.

Fully embrace the perfection of this holy moment and leave all thoughts of the future in the Hands of God.

Look gratefully on the present learning of Love.

Accept with gratitude that you are the innocence of God’s Creation and rest in the acceptance that only Love is Real.

One Heart eternally.

Daily Message 48 –Year3

Remember, your commitment to Truth is the essential choice that will transform your life from the belief in battle to the deep and constant value you give to Love.

Your grateful willingness is needed to accept transformation as you gladly surrender your made up identity.

Through your increasing devotion to Love, patience and trust are your mighty companions that will lead you back to the Garden of Love.

One Heart eternally.

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