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Daily Message 69 –Year3

Today, welcome the blessings of learning to offer Love without conditions to every beloved without exception.

The painful habit of judgement lies in every comparison, every irritation, every urge to be right and righteous.

You have forgotten that you are the innocent creation of unconditional Love, and every beloved is One with you.

Surrender the beliefs of lack that cloud your mind and keep you in battle.

Return to the ever present vibration of God’s Grace and rest in Truth.

One Heart Eternally.

Daily Message 68 –Year3

Remember, the Truth of Love cannot judge or condemn.

Fear is the ego’s domain that fosters doubt and distortion.

Be vigilant with your thoughts and learn to rely  on the Laws of Love.

Let the principles of Truth become your mighty companions.

Surrender the self admiration for what you think you ”know“, as you humbly welcome the healing aspects of Truth to fill your heart and mind, and constantly direct every thought to serve Love.

Rejoice that only Love is real.

Daily Message 67 –Year3

Today, focus your attention on the Sacred Principals of Love.

Kindness, generosity, compassion, honesty and humility are essential to break free from the ego’s fortress.

Willingly surrender into the Grace of God, all fear that has held you in justifying worry, conflict, defense and being right.

Accept Love’s Freedom and Harmony as your true Reality.

One Heart Eternally.

Daily Message 66 –Year3

Remember, even when you are in doubt, the longing for Peace never truly leaves.

You can pretend that you know how to manage everything, but deep within your heart, you long for the sanity of Home.

Your innocent spirit will continue to yearn for freedom .

Turn toward the Light of Love that waits for your Yes.

With your intention and devotion invite the unity and equality of Truth to transform pain into joy!

Thank God only Love is real.

Daily Message 65 –Year3

Remember, the willingness to surrender to Love is in your YES.

Dedication, trust, and acceptance are your necessary blessings for the journey back to the Reality of Love.

The Spirit of Love is waiting for you to reject your mind’s decisions that are based on your “understanding“ and false beliefs.

True learning is waiting for your Yes!

Willingly open your heart and rest in God.

One Heart Eternally.

Daily Message 64 –Year3

Remember, until you want to surrender the energy of your mind to its true purpose, the ego will still be loudest.

Your  personal thoughts will still wander along the same path of worn out ideas that take you to the same tired “knowing” that continues to distort your awareness.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking personal petty thoughts.

You truly only have 2 choices, illusions or Truth.

Surrender the stability of your mind and learn to listen to the Voice of Love.

Now is the time for healing to be embraced!

Listen and learn.

Daily Message 63 –Year3

Today, question your thoughts and beliefs as they rise through habits and patterns and behaviors.

Through your willingness to question the thoughts that fill your mind, you will slowly be led along the road of Truth.

If you are willing to “not know” you will discover you are in the heart of God’s Grace.

Where can Love lead?

Back to Truth: back to the Essence of Freedom, the pure awareness of mind and heart that God Created and you are the reflection that will return to the Garden of Love to live as Peace and rejoice that only Love is real.

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