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Daily Message 18 Year2

Remember, in the tranquil harmony of meditation, all waves of sensation and thoughts are put to rest and the mind is clear and calm.

Let Truth be, do not intrude your beliefs on it or defend yourself against it.

Look past all darkness to the holy place where you will see the Light, and let the Truth of Love fill your heart and mind rejoicing that only Love is real!

Daily Message 17 Year2

Today, sink into gratitude as you willingly surrender all fearful thoughts, and choose to no longer nourish illusions.

Feel the blessed Presence of the Divine with every breath, with every thought of kindness, and with every moment of Peace.

Let every word spoken be rooted in honesty, and compassion for all creation.

Thank God that only Love is real!

Daily Message 16 Year2

Remember, the pure Light of Love is forever in the center of your heart and mind.

You are free NOW to choose joy instead of pain, and the Peace of God instead of conflict.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the sacred Truth in you!

Let your spirit awaken to the Eternal Presence of Love within you.

Invite compassion to flow through your thoughts, as you humbly embrace God’s Will that only Love is real!

Daily Message 15 Year2

Today, focus your intention and attention on the changelessness behind all form.

Reject the dreams of littleness and surrender all false images you made as you embrace the vastness of Love within you.

Remember how weak fear really is, how little and meaningless, when God’s Love is embraced and extended!

Thank God only Love is real!

Daily Message 14 Year2

Today, surrender all temptation to make up rules that are based in fear.

Let the Light of Love lead you as you humbly accept that God’s Will for you is always Peace and Harmony.

Sink deep into the Peace that waits for you beyond the frantic thoughts of illusion and rejoice that only Love is real.

Daily Message 13 Year2

Remember, there is no veil of illusion the Truth of God cannot dissolve .

Every judgement, every  opinion that swims through your mind holds you hostage in fear.

Lift up your eyes and look on every beloved in innocence.

It is not up to you to correct anyone, either with thoughts or words, but humbly accept every beloved as God’s creation.

Thank God only Love is real!

Daily Message 12 Year2

Remember, your eternal spirit cannot be confined within ego made boundaries.

Your true home is limitless, infinite Love !

As you choose to be truly helpful, your heart and mind expand beyond the laws of time and space, unbound by the self concepts of illusion.

Surrender each moment and rejoice that your Reality is only spirit, and only Love is real.

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I Am Here Only To Be Truly Helpful

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