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Daily Soul Message 206-Year4

That of which you are unaware, remains in effect until you choose differently, for it acts to distort your mind and limit your freedom.

Spiritual purification is the uncovering of all fear and guilt;

All the dark corners of your mind must be brought to Light that the darkness may be dispelled.

All that is not Love must be healed to prepare the way for Love’s return.

Daily Soul Message 205-Year4

Fear and guilt are the great obstacles to Truth and Love.

What is in your mind must be brought to awareness, that you may choose again and let it go.

The Holy Spirit cannot remove it unless you choose along with Him.

You cannot choose Truth over falsity unless what is chosen against is brought to awareness.

Daily Soul Message 204-Year4

Despite its great influence and constant presence, fear often goes unrecognized, for it seems to take many forms.

It drives behavior although it is often masked by the superficial motivation.

The human mind must dissociate itself from the fear and guilt pervading it, in order to function and to have even the few happy moments it seems to find.

To be fully aware of the fear that darkens your mind would be too painful to bear.

Yet must you become aware of fear if you are to heal your mind and return it to Wholeness.

Daily Soul Message 203-Year4

Fear is ever present in this world; it casts its dark shadow across every moment of your life, the good times and the bad.

Its baleful influence assures that no good times last, no lasting happiness and contentment can be found.

Fear remains your invisible companion, your uninvited guest, for it is the core of the ego and makes up the very foundation of the thought system of separation.

Fear goes hand in hand with guilt; where one is found, there will the other be also.

Daily Soul Message 202-Year4

Today, accept that God’s Divine Will is for you to seek the reality of Love and find it.

Remember, you cannot serve two masters.

As you accept the way of healing, keep your attention on the Grace of Eternal Love that answers every true desire of the heart.

In the healing Light of Truth, happily surrender all past ideas of conflict, suspicion, bitterness, weakness, comparisons, criticism, and jealousy, into the Light of God’s healing Power.

Transformation is yours as you invite Truth to lead the way home.

Daily Soul Message 201-Year4

Remember, let Truth lead every decision today.

You are free to choose joy and Peace instead of battling with old agreements of pain.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the Sacred Truth of Love within.

Let the Reality of God’s Love awaken the innocence within that can lead you home.

Thank God, only Love is real.

Daily Soul Message 200-Year4

Remember, “personal knowing“ is always the illusion of right and wrong, likes and dislikes, and above all, personal opinions from the past.

Only the mind evaluates.

The ego mind alone uses battle, concern, worry and irritation to try to be right.

This need not be.

It is always God’s Will for you to choose peace and harmony.

You can always choose to surrender into Loving Truth all situations.

Open your heart and mind to appreciation and open mindedness.

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