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Daily Soul Message 152 Year6

You cannot know who you are while you believe you are something you are not.
For you cannot be two opposing identities, unlike in every respect.
Either you are one or you are the other.
In dreams, it may seem as if you have a choice of what to be;
In Truth there is no choice.

Daily Soul Message 151 Year6

You are always forgiving what never occurred in truth.
You are always forgiving illusions.

This is the basis of real forgiveness.

Daily Soul Message 150 Year6

It is precisely because loss and hurt are impossible,
being different names for the idea of sacrifice,
that forgiveness is real and completely justified.

Daily Soul Message 149 Year6

If “sin” were real and irrevocable, true forgiveness would be impossible.
You could not forgive an act that inflicted “real loss, real hurt” upon you.
You could forget it perhaps, in time, but not forgive it.

Daily Soul Message 148 Year6

The ego knows not of forgiveness.
Its attempts at forgiveness are nothing more than a mild overlooking of “sins”
in order to reinforce its sense of specialness.

Daily Soul Message 147 Year6

The Holy Spirit is the mind of forgiveness.
If you accept His direction and turn your mind over to Him,
He will teach you the meaning and the practice of forgiveness,
thereby transforming your mind.

Daily Soul Message 146 Year6

To extend Love to all is your purpose.
For by so doing, you offer the world the healing it has denied itself.

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