Awakened-Heart Daily Messages

Daily Soul Message 298-Year4

The awakening to Truth
is the disappearance of the ego, the sense of a separate self.

A self that is separate from the world and everything in it,
seemingly complete in itself,

is in fact the denial of the Self created by God,
and a very effective defense against it.

Daily Soul Message 297-Year4

All the seeming problems of the world you see before you simply mask
the one and only problem you have: separation from God.

All others are but different forms of this one problem.
You have been learning to look past form that you may see content.

Be willing to have the Holy Spirit show you the content behind the form
every time you must make a choice.

Only then can you be sure of choosing rightly.

Daily Soul Message 296-Year4

God is all in all. There is nothing outside of God;

all that exists has its Being and Life in Him.

What is unlike God,
what contradicts or opposes Him, does not exist in fact,
for He is the only Source and all that He created shares His qualities.

Anything created by God cannot change itself into something else.
Its being is in God, remains in God, and is unalterable in Truth.

Daily Soul Message 295-Year4

The journey back to Truth is marked by a growing sense of commitment,

a constantly strengthening intent to realize Truth,
to return to your Father, that becomes your single purpose.

As investment is withdrawn from the ego, from bodily identification,
the mind is progressively freed of habitual tendencies, of the past,
and allowed to return to its true nature as freedom and presence here and now.

Daily Soul Message 294-Year4

As ego, you are never really in the present except as the resistance to it.

The mind misidentified as a body, a separate entity in time and space,
is the denial of the Self, of Truth.

As the Self is always and only in the present,
the resistance to being truly present,
a fundamental characteristic of the ego,
is also an effective defense against the Truth.

Daily Soul Message 293-Year4

Today choose to open your heart and mind to the guidance of Divine Spirit.

Sink into peace and harmony and rejoice that you are under no Laws but God’s.
Resist the temptation to believe that you “know“ what and how this day will unfold for your learning.
Moment to moment you choose Love or fear, Truth or illusion.

Listen with devotion to the healing Truth of Love
and rest in the unconditional Love of God’s Grace.

Daily Soul Message 292-Year4

Today turn away from all attempts to prove your judgments are valid.
Gladly forget every idea of good and bad or right and wrong

that you have cherished in your attempt to be safe from the illusion of danger.
The ego continuously wraps bitterness, righteousness, jealousy and fear
into your beliefs of right and wrong as you unwittingly imprison your wondrous spirit
with made up lies and distortions.

Come rest in the schoolroom of Love and accept that only Eternal Love is real.

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