Awakened-Heart Daily Messages

Daily Soul Message 36 Year6

In all you do that you value, in learning what you want to learn, you demonstrate perseverance. Very little can be accomplished unless you persevere. To learn what you must learn to replace illusion with Truth, requires great perseverance.

Daily Soul Message 35 Year6

The trust of a child is strong, innocent, and unwavering. Your relationship with God should be like this. Know that your Father, through the Holy Spirit, knows what you need and will always provide. If you but knew the constant concern the Holy Spirit has for you, and His infinite Love, you would leave all doubt and fear behind. Your trust is well placed if given to Him.

Daily Soul Message 34 Year6

Patience is more than a virtue; it is a necessity for patience is a part of surrender.
Patience rests on surrender and deepens it until they become one.
To be patient is to forgo demands on the present.

Daily Soul Message 33 Year6

There is no more effective way to begin to free yourself
from the egoic misidentification and its consequences
than to turn over decision making to the Holy Spirit.
This is what is meant by surrender.

Daily Soul Message 32 Year6

Here is the way to Heaven, the state of Unity you once knew and will know again:
surrender, patience, unwavering trust, perseverance, and constant willingness.

These qualities, these capacities, must be developed to transform the way you live now.
They must be applied to the process of returning to Truth, and withdrawn from their dedication to upholding illusion.

Daily Soul Message 31 Year6

You are not an ego, a separate self confined to a body, fighting its way through a hostile world, condemned to trudge wearily across a barren landscape. You are in no danger except from your own mistaken thoughts.

Daily Soul Message 30 Year6

Without correction, will problems continue to multiply and never will there be an end to them. They are, every one, simply the results that follow your fundamental error.

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