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Daily Message 81 –Year2

Remember you are here to be truly helpful, in this moment.

Every moment ask within, are your thoughts helping you to remember your true self?

Are you focused and devoted to peace in this moment?

Are you willing in this moment to follow the guidance of Love wherever Love directs you?

Thank God you don’t have to worry about what to do or say, because Love will always direct you.

Daily Message 80 –Year2

Today choose to BE gentleness, in every situation.

Use your eyes to see innocence, use your voice to express gratitude, use your heart to embrace the stillness of inner peace that is always in this present moment.

Deep within you is all perfection, ready to radiate through you and into the world.

Only Love is real.

Daily Message 79 –Year2

Today let prayer fill your day.

Pray to rise to the perfection and divinity within, pray to be guided, and pray to let go of all resistance to Love.

Be willing to surrender your heart and mind to the sanity of Love as you sing with gratitude that you are in need of nothing but the Truth.

Only Love is real!

Daily Message 78 –Year2

Remember it is your intention that either invites Love or fear to be your guide.

Every moment is yours to begin again.

Stop and ask within, are you peaceful?

If not, you are under the influence of painful illusions.

Be willing to surrender all fears and return to peace again and again.

Find your intention to focus your mind and heart in Peace.

And rest in the Truth of Love, free of fear.

Daily Message 77 –Year2

Today surrender all temptation to be the knower.

The spiritual ego revels in the illusion of self-righteousness that can captivate you into believing that you are weak and lacking.

Turn your allegiance to the joyful acceptance that you are the innocence of Love!

The Innocence of creation is guaranteed by God.

Surrender all false identity you made in the past, and come home to your innocent spirit.

Daily Message 76 –Year2

Today be willing to focus attention to what you are truly offering every beloved through your reactions and attitude.

Stop frequently to inquire within. Are you calm?

Are you available to the guidance of Love?

Humbly lay down all fearful defense and rest in the quiet inner stillness of Eternal Love.

Offer only Peace and gratitude and discover the beauty of God within!

Daily Message 75 –Year2

Remember, you have incarnated to find your eternal Light.

Lay down all fearful attempts to “please” anyone.

Surrender the pride of being “liked“ by others.

Rise instead to the divinity within and learn to serve the Truth of Love.

Accept that you are the innocent child of God, and humbly offer the blessing of Love without conditions to all humanity.

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I Am Here Only To Be Truly Helpful

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