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Daily Soul Message 333 Year4

Step forward into the Light
and take your rightful place as the Christ, God’s holy Creation.

Even now you are the Christ as you have always been.
The dream of separateness cannot affect your Reality,
only your awareness of It.

The spiritual sun is rising, and its Light shines away the darkness
of the long night’s sleep.

Daily Soul Message 332 Year4

To do your Father’s Will is to do your will.

You will never be happy by following an alien will
that leads you only to death.
Do not mistake for Truth
the familiarity born of long association.
A world bereft of the Light and Love of God’s Presence
is not your home.

Daily Soul Message 331 Year4

Your Father calls to you unceasingly
but you do not hear Him.

Your ears are closed to the song of Heaven
for you prefer the din of earthly life.
You cannot hear your Father calling
unless you recognize your brother as yourself.
You cannot respond to Truth from separation.

Daily Soul Message 330 Year4

All that must be done, is done through grace.

Without the grace of God,
you would be lost forever in the dream you have made.
You must be willing, however, to accept His grace,
to welcome it into your life and allow it to work.

Willingness is indispensable;
without it nothing can be done.

Daily Soul Message 329 Year4

If the only prayer you say in your entire life is Thank You,
that would be enough.

Gratefulness is the heart of prayer
and the direct path to God.
Gratefulness is the natural response
to Love’s blessings within you
and all around you.

Daily Soul Message 328 Year4

When the time comes to let it all go, will you be ready?

To let go is to relinquish all attachment,
all need to hold on to something.
The end of suffering is the release of all that causes it.
What are the causes?
False beliefs about yourself and the world.
What else could bring about a state of suffering
in the mind created perfect by God?

Daily Soul Message 327 Year4

Let the indivisible Unity of which you are a part
be the guiding influence in your life.

Life lived as the Whole rather than as a separate part,
is perfectly fulfilling.
You are the Whole;
you contain and are contained by everything.
There is nothing that is not your Mind.

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