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Latin Translations

Est crucial ad primum dico quod hoc est a inquisita cursum. tantum tu nunc adsit voluntas. Quod liberum arbitrium non sit constituere in curriculum. Hoc est quod vos can tantum accipere quod eligo Cum. Iustum paratus es facere debetis electus est ut sit.

Potest ergo ipsa sola summa haec est:

“Nihil verum potest quid gravius inmineret. Nihil reale existat.
Haec est pax Dei.“


It is crucial to say first that this is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what to take when. It is just because you are not ready to do what you should elect to do that time exists at all.

This Course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”


A Course In Miracles Urtext Manuscripts

Complete Seven Volume Combined Edition

“To project attributes of Divine reality onto a symbol is really idolatry and ‘magic thinking.‘ It is the worship of symbols or symbols of symbols in place of the worship of that which is symbolized, the one thing that is real, God our Creator. ‘Words‘ are helpful if they direct our attention and concentration on reality. Words are counter-productive if we confuse them for reality and make of the symbols idolatrous objects of worship.

Doug Thompson, scholar, researcher, commentator, editor and compiler of A Course In Miracles Urtext Manuscripts.